Locrian Mode – The Seventh Position of the Major Scale

Locrian Mode Fretboard DiagramThe Locrian Mode is based around the 7th note of the major scale. In the G of key, this 7th note is F#. This is the other mode that shares the same pattern as another mode. Look closely. This is the same pattern as the Ionian mode but has that extra note at the beginning right before the root. Obivously, this is the last note of the major scale so it goes right before the root note repeats on the next octave. So in the key of G this first note is F# and right after the root note G follows. To play this mode begin with the first note on the 6th string 14th fret. If you go on and begin with the first note (G) on the 15th fret, then you are playing the Ionian mode (major scale) again. So basically you went all the way from one octave of G to the next!

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