Wampler Terraform – Can a Digital Modulation Pedal Have Analog Dry-Through?

Is digital modulation analog dry-through even possible? I recently ran into a thread on Reddit where I was reading about the Eventide H90 and someone was complaining about it not having analog dry-through. In that thread, someone said that the Wampler Terraform is a digital modulation multi-fx pedal with analog dry-through. I found that claim a bit suspect so I decided to dig a little deeper.

Wampler Terraform Digital Modulation Analog Dry-Through

I then found this thread on The Gear Page that supposedly confirms the Wampler Terraform as having analog dry-through.

Note that analog dry-through and true-bypass are completely different things. Before we get too carried away, in case you want to learn what analog dry-through actually means, check out the following:

What is the Meaning of Analog Dry Through?

Analog Dry-Through Delay Pedals

Is it possible digital modulation pedal have analog dry through?

That question is above my pay grade. However, what I can tell you is that most of the time, digital modulation guitar pedals simply don’t have analog dry-through because the entire signal needs to be processed for the effect to work. One good example is tremolo. Usually, the entire signal is processed in order to yield a tremolo effect. Now. I’m not saying it isn’t possible. I suppose that with some very clever programming and circuitry, a low mix shallow tremolo could be set so that the dry sound remains analog. I’m just not aware of anyone doing that.

For example, the famous Strymon Flint’s reverb has analog dry-through. But guess what? The tremolo side does not, for the reasons explained above.

What about the Eventide H90 and H9?

The Eventide H90, and original H9 for that matter, are 100% unapologetically digital. They’re not even going to consider analog dry-through because it wouldn’t be possible with the vast amount of complex effects in this thing. Not to mention, when you mix an analog signal with a digitally processed copy you end up with slight latency in that digital copy. Some claim it’s anywhere up to 5ms. If you lay that delayed signal alongside a dry original you’re going to end up with phase and combing issues. Most digital pedals with analog dry-through have nifty ways of dealing with that problem, and still sometimes end up causing problems on a pedalboard when someone tries more complex routing setups such as dry-wet, or wet-dry-wet.

So then, is the Wampler Terraform Analog Dry-Through or not?

Now, back to the Wampler Terraform. I looked on Wampler’s website and even downloaded all the documentation available there for that pedal and I couldn’t find a single reference of it having analog dry-through. It’s quite possible that maybe some of the algorithms have it but it would be too complicated to make that claim and prove it, so that’s why they don’t claim it in the documentation. I don’t know. Either way, I’m going to assume the Wampler Terraform does not have analog dry-through but I’m also not going to fault it for that. As stated earlier, it’s not common to find a digital modulation pedal that somehow also manages to pull that off.

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