Colorful Circuit Photos of the Inside of a Guitar Amplifier

Here’s a view you don’t get to see very often. Some of you will appreciate these photos below, some of you won’t. If you are a true guitar amp lover, you’ll find these very interesting. What’s outside is cool, but it is what’s inside that’s responsible for the sweet sounds you all like. Take a good look inside. It’s quite colorful and complicated in there. You can see the amplifier’s power and pre-amp tubes, the transformers (the big things that looks like a square magnets on top) and all the multitude of capacitors, resistors, cables and pots. The big green plate that holds it all together is called the circuit board. The circuit board is mounted to the black metal chassis that is then mounted to the amplifier cabinet.

Now, it really doesn’t matter if you understand all of this or not. It should be obvious why one can still appreciate all that is going on in there. Basically, some genius figured out how to make one of these sound good, and a bunch of geniuses that came after found all kinds of ways to improve it. End of story.

Go fire up you amp and play your guitar loud. Imagine all those little components working together really hard trying to make you happy today. 🙂

Guitar Amplifier Top Inside
Top view of the amplifier inside. Take a look at the covered 12AX7 preamp tubes (bottom left), and the set of EL84 and 6V6 power tubes (top).

Guitar Amplifier EL84 Vacuum Tubes
One of the most awesome views. These two EL84 tubes are British power workhorses in this amp.

Guitar Amplifier Circuits
As you can see, there's quite a bit going on in there. Very colorful.
Amplifier Circuit Close Up
Here you can see most of the capacitors inside.
Guitar Amplifier Capacitors
A close-up of couple of the smallers capacitors.
Guitar Amplifier Chip
Not exactly sure what this little chip is responsible for, but I'm sure it's important!

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  1. Danny! nice web! the little black box on the last pic its a rectifier and a voltage regulator, from 125VAC down to 30VDC im 99% sure thats part of ur power Supply. Un abrazo!

    1. Hehe. Hey Bruno! I should’ve read the text on top of it with a little more detail. I guess you’re right!

  2. Danny; nice job dud.. i love your classic EL84 pentode tube that is very cool….!

    1. Thank you sir! It’s what’s inside that matters! Notice I didn’t post any pictures of the cabinet? 🙂

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