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Six String Sensei has been a guitar resource since 2005. That’s right. I started this project back in the days of Myspace and before Facebook or YouTube had even set a proper foothold on the internet. I initially used this site as a tool for my own progression as a guitarist. Remember, this was back when there wasn’t that much guitar information on the web.

Today, Six String Sensei continues to be a passion project. I work on it for fun because I love music and I love the guitar. Currently, I cover a lot of topics but I focus quite a bit on guitar effects pedals. I love pedals just as much as any guitarist so I’m constantly trying new ones and coming up with elaborate pedalboards. Come enjoy this journey with me.

Guitar Articles

Guitar Cases for Every Guitar Player

Guitar Cases for Every Guitarist

Guitar cases represent the best protection possible for your guitar. That said, there are many options available for different purposes. Learned more about the different options here to find out what may be best for your guitars.

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Six String Sensei Guitar Lessons and Guitar Theory

Guitar Lessons Introduction

The guitar is one of the deepest of musical instruments. You can be as good or as bad as you wish. You can even play very well without knowing much theory. That’s if you have a good ear and a keen feeling for the instrument. However, the more time you dedicate to the guitar, the better.

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Essential Easy Guitar Chords for Beginners to Learn

10 Essential Basic Guitar Chords

These 10 essential and basic guitar chords can get you easily started on guitar and playing a good number of songs. You can also learn the major bar chord shape which will allow you to play any of these chords up the neck. Start here if you are new to guitar.

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SixStringSensei Guitar Playing Monster

My View On Effects Pedals and Multiple Guitars

Let me tell you something about guitar gear, particularly guitar effects pedals. I believe the most important thing regarding playing guitar and improving daily, is to play a often. Essentially, play daily. I understand that some guitarists are against pedals and effects. I also understand that there are guitar players who like pedals, but are pretty minimal about them. Same goes for guitars themselves. Some guitarists have three guitars, and some have twenty. It’s just a matter of preference.

The one great benefit of experimenting with various guitar pedals and effects is that it can inspire you to play more often. Having various guitars in a collection can also inspire you to switch things up and try new tones. This combination can yield many more practice hours. This inspiration can get you lost for hours savoring new sounds. More time on your instrument usually equates to a huge leap in improvement. That’s my argument towards varied guitars and effects.