Black Friday Guitar Pedals

I’m a big fan of black guitar pedals and blacked out, murdered out or monochromatic pedalboards. So imagine how excited I get that pedal makers take advantage of that famous day of sales and produce special edition Black Friday guitar pedals.

I got really into Beetronics pedals not so long ago. My interest in them peaked around Thanksgiving while I was in Hawaii. I discovered they released a monochromatic Black Friday themed series of some of their best pedals. I first ordered the Beetronics Swarm in black and grey. Soon after, in order to complete the collection I also ordered the Beetronics Zzombee and Beetronics Vezzpa. The 3 complete the collection you see here. I like that they are not fully black, but rather dark and monochrome. I like being able to read the text for the settings.

I’m pretty sure they’ll have a new run in a different, but similar blacked out theme. Beetronics already hinted on a blacked out Nectar Tone Sweetener in ALL BLACK of course. Like, errrrthing is black on it.

Guitar Pedal Makers are Going #BlackedOut

There’s a very prominent theme this year though, and most guitar pedal manufacturers are playing along. The common theme I’m seeing in social media is the hash tag #BlackedOut for these limited editing Black Friday guitar pedals. Everyone from JHS, to Meris, to Earthquaker Devices and other prominent makers are playing along dropping hints and teaser videos. It’s great! We’re bound to see a lot of this over on Reverb.

UPDATE: Called it. The morning after I published this post, they posted the Reverb Blacked Out Pedal Series.

Looks like I’ll keep adding to this story. More cool black pedals keep dropping. At this point I think the coolest of the bunch is probably the new Walrus Audio Meraki. This one is properly unique because it’s stereo analog delay. Not only is it a special Black Friday release, but it really is new breaking ground for Walrus Audio.

I want to point out the black and white Jackson Audio Golden Boy in the photos. I custom ordered this black Golden Boy directly from Jackson Audio last summer. Originally I had a fully blacked out version. However, as much as I like black guitar pedals I do like to be able to read what the knobs do, so I opted for black with white text. It goes along great with my black Jackson Audio Broken Arrow overdrive and Bloom V2 compressor.

Other Important Black Guitar Pedals

I have to mention a few other black pedals in my collection. These include a full Stryfecta from the Strymon Midnight Edition Series. That’s essentially a black Strymon BigSky, black Strymon Timeline, and black Strymon Mobius. And let’s not forget the midnight series Strymon Sunset and Riverside.

Looking forward to checking out the new special edition Black Friday guitar pedal releases once they drop. I believe that to save on the rush, many of them are dropping a week early.

I’m working on an all black large pedalboard build. If you like black guitar pedals and pedalboards stick around and check out the rest of the Six String Sensei Guitar Blog.

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